Local Level Support

JJ Watt is a local hero and now more than ever!  He has started a donation challenge and it is growing past 15 million.  Join him!

JJ Watt Donation

Houston Church Planting Network has connecting hundreds of churches together to help serve on a local level.  Find a place to serve your community now!

HCPN Relief

Harvey Stories

Mattress Mack

Gallery Furniture owner known as Mattress Mack came to the aid of his fellow Houstonians & Texans.  He is a true Texas Hero!

TV Reporter Covering Hurricane Harvey Helps Save Life

This news reporter saw a 18-wheeler driver stuck and in need of help.  She came to his rescue!

News Reporter Saves Ol’Glory From The Strom

Old Glory was saved by a news reporter in Rockport.  We are United in our Nation & our State!


“Some say we have seen one of the greatest tragedies of our time. Disaster has covered us. But this is no tragedy. Because in tragedy there is no hope. We have hope. We have hope in the helping hands, the tear-scarred faces, the battered and bruised feet of those who have stood for their brothers when their brothers had no strength to stand. In the midst of this darkness, in the midst of this disaster, hope has shined through. Heroes have risen and we have withstood this test of destruction. Our nation has united. Under one flag, under one belief. We are one race, we are one creed, we are one nation. No storm may stop us, no flood may hinder us. We unite under the banner of humanity, under the banner of hope, under the banner of freedom. We are strong together. We are Texas strong.”

Stay Strong Texas!