m2l-usa.com 20-hour Fixed Quote | Payment 2 of 2


Scope Of Work
  • Consultation for creating a well-organized website with additional information & an easy to navigate menu.
  • A branded and professional looking mobile-friendly WordPress website.
  • Translation features built into the website.
  • We use tools that make it easy for your team to edit content on the website without needing to learn how to code. If we have time left over I would be happy to train your team on how to keep the website updated!
Estimated Quote
20 agency hours across 4 weeks (5 hours/week). Our agency rate for each billable hour is $60/hr, which brings the total to $1,200 with half due upon completion and the remaining amount due upon completion. Most of my projects are completed in less hours than my estimate, and in this case you only need to pay us off up to the amount of hours consumed. For example, if I finish in 18 agency hours, your final payment will only be $480. In the unlikely case that you ask extra style revisions or training which push this project beyond the 20-hour estimate, additional hours are charged at $50/hr.
In your document you mention that you would like a video, we would be happy to quote one for you! Let me know and I’ll setup a call so that you can discuss options with our creative team.
Additional Costs
One required additional cost will be $79 to buy this premium plugin which will help enable the language features you want. Optionally, I recommend that you consider upgrading your website hosting to WPEngine. It’s significantly faster than your existing hosting, and that will really help your website rank higher in search results!
Additional Details
This quote does not include graphic design or creating new text for your pages, so I’ll need your team’s timely support for pages that require new content which isn’t already provided or on your existing website. I recommend that we have weekly calls during build-out so that I can keep you updated and gather your feedback.

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