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Do you feel lost at times when trying to grow your business? Maybe your ad campaign brings in short-term attention, but you are unable to keep customers on your site for more than their initial visit. Just know you are not alone! This issue is something many companies struggle with in the modern business space today. 

The reason you may be struggling to maintain consistent relationships with customers is because you do not have an identity they can relate to. Yes, you may have an About page giving customers a small look into the history of your business, but many customers will not visit your About page, and if they do, they may find it interesting and then forget about it as soon as they leave your site.

The best way to grow your company and your relationships with customers is through your use of social media. Social media is one of the most powerful tools in not only getting more eyes on your brand, but also making your brand more relatable and attractive. Read on to find three ways you can use social media effectively!

Be Consistent!

The most important thing to remember when running social media for your brand is to maintain consistency! We hear stories all the time of customers who find the Instagram page for a brand and see there has not been a post in months. This can mistakenly communicate two things to the customer: Firstly, it could give a weak first impression of the quality of service or commitment customers could expect from your business. Secondly, they could think if there is a stop in the social media activity, the business associated with the account could be out of business.

In today’s world, customers’ first impressions of your brand are just as likely to be through social media as they are through your website. You need to make sure your first impression is strong and shows consistency!

Showing consistency on social media will give your brand more opportunities to be found by prospective customers and more credibility when these customers do find your brand.

Don’t post the same thing every time

This sounds like a simple requirement, but it is an issue many brands have when it comes to maintaining a social media presence. If you look at the most popular brand social media accounts, you will notice one main similarity: they mix up the types of posts they make.

For example, look at the Instagram page for Oreo. When running a social media page for a mass-produced cookie, you would not think there are many different types of posts one can make, but in this grid alone, there are Oreo-based recipes, different products they have released, and even an Oreo-themed happy New Years post. This not only brings more eyes to the brand of Oreo, but it also builds a stronger relationship with customers. If the only thing you post are attempts to sell products, customers will feel as if your sole goal is to get their money. Giving them advice or little bits of things they can enjoy (for Oreo, it would be their recipes) allows them to build trust in your brand and will make them more likely to come back.

Interact with your followers

When you begin social media for your brand, you will have two goals to accomplish: to draw as many eyes on your brand as possible and to foster a relationship with the followers on your social media, building a trust between you. The world we live in right now is filled with individuals trying to make the next viral clip that will blow up their page, and brands have begun to do the same. 

Though this is not a bad thing and there is a place for trying to make popular content, it cannot be at the expense of failing to build relationships with your followers. Many people will be able to tell if every other post on your brand’s social media is hopping on whatever trend happens to be exciting that day and could become disenchanted with your website, feeling you are just “clout chasing.” 

Rather than hopping on every trend, putting out quality content and interacting with your followers will prove to be much more effective for your brand. The best thing about interacting with your followers through social media is that it’s easy! Simply responding to questions or positive messages in the comments section or your DM inbox, as well as reposting instagram stories they may have tagged you in will go a long way towards your goal! This will humanize your brand, making customers feel seen and growing them closer to your business!

Ultimately, consistency is the key to gaining the best results for each of these tips! It will help your customers feel seen, feel as if they can trust the quality of your brand, and will help your business grow.

If you want your brand to have a strong social media presence and want to work with a team with proof they can help you grow your business in every aspect, Reverent Media is here for you! Give us a call or schedule a meeting with us today!